Who Am I

So you're curious. I get it. You want to know a little more about me...



The mug that's mysteriously looking away belongs to Anthony Michael Irizarry. Yup. You are correct... that's me!

I'm a 25-year-old NYC based freelance writer/actor/marketer. Maybe within the next year or so I'll add a few more forward slashes (director, screenwriter, oscar winner?) Hey one can dream, right?


Anyway...Before anything else else, I was and AM a writer first. Ever since I was old enough to string a sentence together on paper. That passion would eventually lead me to writing prose and poetry...which then lead to pretty much every other kind of writing out there.

I've worked as a Feature's Story writer for The All State newspaper in Clarksville TN, penned several marketing projects, churned out mountain-loads of digital content and am currently writing copy for an ECommerce Appliance Retailer in Brooklyn, NY.


Every brand is its own story. That's what I believe. And some stories are better than others--hence readers gravitate to the one that really grabs them.

That's where I come in. Because I'm in the business of what I call "storytelling that sells".

Before typing a single word, I'll first learn about your brand, product, and service... and then conjure compelling and informative content, rendering your consumer into a state of "Oh my WOW. They're amazing" shock.

Still curious? Feel free to check out my portfolio.